Exceptional speakers, from academia and the corporate world, will attend the event. Their contribution will give to the workshop an international value. It will be an unmissable meeting with top experts in the field of characterization and modeling of memory devices.



IBM Almaden Research Center - USA

Novel Technologies for Artificial Intelligence: prospects and challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI), exploiting bio-inspired algorithms such as Spike-Timing-Dependent-Plasticity (STDP) and back-propagation schemes as found in Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), is able to...

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STMicroelectronics- Italy

Embedded Phase Change Memories for 2020s

Based on today scenario of industry-standard Floating Gate solutions, key factors as performances, reliability and technology maturity are considered when facing more innovative memory cells. A comparative analysis of different ...


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Micron Technology - USA


Memory Technology as a Key Enabler for Future Computing Systems

Roughly 300 billion gigabytes of semiconductor memory were produced last year (2018) -- 40GB for every person on the planet -- with projections to double every two years for the foreseeable future...

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Xi'an Jiaotong University - CHINA

Chemical design principles for cache-type Sc-Sb-Te phase-change materials

Nucleation is a critical issue in many scientific problems and technological processes, and is difficult to control due to its stochastic nature. The stochasticity of crystal nucleation poses challenges that limit technological advances. Here we highlight...

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IMEC - Belgium

First-principles modeling of OTS chalcogenides for SELECTORS

Density Functional Theory calculations show that the nature of the mobility-gap states in amorphous Ge-rich Ge50Se50 is related to Ge-Ge bonds, at discrepancy with generally-accepted picture...

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ALEXANDER SHLUGER, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCL

Defects in Crystalline and Amorphous gate oxide films

Most current electronic and electrochemical devices are stacks of thin films and interfaces operating under electrical stress. Polycrystalline and amorphous nm-thick oxide films play a crucial role in performance...

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University Paris Saclay

Memory-Centric Artificial Intelligence with Memory Nanodevices

When performing artificial intelligence tasks, central and graphics processing units consume considerably more energy for moving data between logic and memory units than for doing actual arithmetic...

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École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne -Switzerland


Discovery and characterization of novel materials for electronic applications

We have performed an extensive high-throughput screening of known inorganic materials, in order to identify those that could be exfoliated into novel two-dimensional...

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Tsinghua University

Intelligent Computing in Memristors

Recently, computation in memory becomes very hot due to the urgent needs of high computing efficiency in artificial intelligence applications. In contrast to von-Neumann architecture, computation in...

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Technical University Eindhoven


Organic Electronics for Neuromorphic Computing

Neuromorphic computing could address the inherent limitations of conventional silicon technology in dedicated machine learning applications. Recent work on large crossbar arrays of two-terminal...

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Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


Antiferromagnetic spintronics

Louis Néel pointed out in his Nobel lecture that while interesting from theoretical viewpoint, antiferromagnets did not seem to have any applications. Indeed, the alternating directions of...

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CNR-Nano - Italy

Interoperable solutions for the simulation of phase change memories

The current and major worldwide drive for big data, machine learning, and quantum computing will push away from traditional all-silicon platforms, and provide a clean slate for industry to rapidly deploy...

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